‘Avira’ arrives….


There she is – a younger version than was in ‘Secret of the Phoon’.  It’s her story. Where she came from, how she arrived at Domina, how she met Ekon and what was it about him that caused her to waver from the path she had set herself. How she became the Next and how that changed the course of her life. And she is told the story of how the deadly supernatural force of the Phoon came into being.

Find it on Amazon, if you’re interested – you can always have a peek inside and see how the story starts to unfold.

I’ve already started on the third of the series, which I think will be entitled ‘Shastia’. If you’ve read the first book, ‘Secret of the Phoon’, you’ll know how it ended. (But I won’t repeat it here, in case you haven’t yet!) Progress on ‘Shastia’ will please those of my readers who told me that they couldn’t wait to see what happened next and wanted me to go there first, rather than the prequel. But Avira wanted her story to be told, and you don’t say ‘no’ to Avira.

I’ve also been working on a couple more one-act plays. And another film plot has been pushing itself from the back of my mind to the front of my mind, so I may have to write that too, to get it to stop bothering me. But Shastia, despite having forsaken her mentor Avira, is cut from a similar cloth and it won’t be long before she hunts me down.

More anon.  I’ll try to write here a bit more frequently….


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