C3This is me, then. I have a husband, Pete, and two sons, Jordan and Cameron, who are away at university. We have two dogs, called Dufus and Kerrang (don’t get your kids to name your dogs). They (the dogs, not the kids) are basset fauve de Bretagne, which means they are both dozy and opinionated. I love writing. Although I have to fit other things into my life, given the choice I would just be writing. Or drinking champagne. I write books, film scripts and plays. And you can find out about all that somewhere here on this blog.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m pretty sure you won’t remember me but I won’t ever forget you! Today, someone complimented me on an email I wrote and , as I always do when this happens (it is not that rare an event, thanks to you), I promptly replied that I learned the skill of communicating well from a master – a lady I worked with many years ago (1995?) at “The Pru!”. That’s you! I was seconded from Glasgow to Euston Road wgen you worked with Tony Freeman. Ring a bell?
    I decided to Google you and started reading this blog that appeared and, without even seeing the lovely picture on this page, I knew I’d found you. I LOVE the way you write. I knew I was lucky to have you as a mentor in my previous career.
    I’m off to read this blog now!
    Joanna (was McGuinness) Slater

  2. Hi Joanna – how lovely to hear from you! Gosh, that was a long time ago. Thanks for your very kind words. You’ve prompted me to update this blog (it’s been languishing a while) so I’m going to get on with that now. Hope you are well and life is treating you brilliantly.

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